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Providing best treatment for Neuro Care In Lucknow

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta - Best Neurosurgeon in Lucknow


Neuro Surgeon

Best Neuro Surgeon in Lucknow specializes on diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord.



Best neurologist in Lucknow treating various nervous system disorders like migraines, and strokes. We Esure optimal care and improved quality of life.


Brain Tumor

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta at Ramjanki Neuro Care is a renowned neuro surgeon and specialist in brain tumor treatment in Lucknow.


Head Injury

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta at Ramjanki Neuro Care is a leading expert in head injury treatment, offering the best care in Lucknow.


Brain Hemorrhage

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta, a distinguished specialist at Ramjanki Neuro Care, is recognized for providing the best brain hemorrhage treatment in Lucknow.


Stroke Management

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta offers the best stroke management treatment in Lucknow. He stands as the best choice for highest quality treatment in Lucknow.


Spinal Tumor

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta provides the best spinal tumor treatment in Lucknow. His approach for spinal tumor treatment makes it the highest quality care in Lucknow.


Cervical Spondylosis

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta Offer the best cervical spondylosis treatment in Lucknow. Surgical and non-surgical interventions, and lifestyle modifications, ensuring optimal care.


Spine Surgeon

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta, best spine surgeon in lucknow, is widely acknowledged for delivering the best spine surgery treatment in Lucknow.


Lower Back Pain

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta is and expert lower back pain treatment. His treatments provide a long-term relief in lower back pain.


Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta at Ramjanki Neuro Care specializes in diagnosing and treating Lumbar Canal Stenosis, employing advanced neurocare techniques.


Disc Prolapse

Disc prolapse, also known as herniated or slipped disc, is a spinal condition where the soft inner portion of an intervertebral disc protrudes through the outer layer.


Spinal Tuberculosis

Dr. Shri Ram Gupta at Ramjanki Neuro Care is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal tuberculosis, he aims to effectively manage the infection and minimize its impact