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RamJanki Neuro Care - Caring For Your Mind & Spine.

With more than 12 years of experience and conducting more than 5000 operation, Dr. Shri Ram Gupta specialize in treating a wide range of conditions, including brain tumors, paralysis, spinal TB, lower back pain, and more.

Improving The Quality Of Your Life Through best Neuro Care in Lucknow.

Welcome to RamJanki - Brain and Spine Centre, for best neuro and spine care in lucknow.

Dr. SR Gupta specializes in treating a wide range of neurological conditions. He is one of the best neurosurgeon in Lucknow and if your are seeking "neurosurgeon near me," RamJanki Neuro Care is your trusted destination.

Are you experiencing back pain? we offer a comprehensive back pain treatment in Lucknow, covering tretments such as acute back pain, sciatica, and more. For female patients, we provide lower back pain treatment in lucknow particularly designed for female patients.

Slip Disc Problem? No Worries we have the state-of-the-art facilities and expert physiotherapy for slip disc ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. At RamJanki we understand the significance of quality care for spinal issues.

Cervical Pain treatment in Lucknow is one of the advance treatments offered for those seeking relief from cervical pain by Dr. SR Gupta and his team at RamJanki Brain and Spine Centre. We ensure that each patient receives the attention they deserve.


We also treat migraine headaches, epilepsy, paralysis, and Parkinson's disease, providing comprehensive treatment.

We are excelled in treating insomnia, with our focus on addressing sleep disorders by understanding patients medical history and lifestyle. If your are looking for a neurologist near me that can deliver exceptional insomnia treatment in lucknow than RamJanki is the perfect stop for you.

Our Best Spine Specialist in Lucknow Dr.Shri Ram Gupta offers one of the best treatment for spine-related concerns. If you are looking for a best spine surgeon in lucknow or spine surgeon near you than our orthopedic spine surgeons offer exceptional care.

RamJanki Neuro Care Centre & Hospital

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